What Does A Move Out Cleaning Service Typically Include?

Planning to book a move out cleaning service and wondering what it typically includes? 


As per both science and moral ethics, you should hire a move out cleaning service while leaving an apartment or before shifting to a new place. It not only positions your impression as a cultivated human but also elevates the overall experience for residents who will come after you. But the question that leaves everyone wondering is what this move-out cleaning service includes, especially if you’re getting them for the first time. In this blog, our experts have compiled the major services included in a move out cleaning package.


But first, what do move out cleaning services stand for?

Before proceeding onwards, let’s cover the actual meaning of move out cleaning services. Move out cleaning services are the opposite of move in services. These move out services include a thorough cleaning of your entire home. Meanwhile, in this package, the professional especially focuses on areas that landlords or property managers often inspect during move-out. 


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What do move out cleaning services typically include? 

So, let’s start the major section of the blog and discuss the services included in move out deep cleaning packages. A typical move out cleaning services cover deep cleaning of all the rooms and corners of the apartments. 


Deep kitchen cleaning

The basic move out cleaning services start with deep kitchen cleaning. The professionals come to your apartment and clean tough and sturdy spots in the kitchen and the appliances. They deep clean every corner of the kitchen, including cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, sinks, floors, and walls. Further, the services are extended to deep clean appliances such as ovens, stovetops, fridges, and dishwashers inside and out.  


Deep bathroom cleaning

The basic move out cleaning package also includes deep bathroom cleaning. That includes scrubbing bathtubs, toilet seats, mirrors, sinks, mirrors, tile walls, and floors. The service also covers the polishing of chrome fixtures.


Deep cleaning of bedrooms and living areas

We all know the effort and time it takes to dust the hard-to-reach corners of the bedrooms. But a typical move out cleaning package includes dusting furniture, shelves, baseboards, windowsills, doors, fixtures, etc. It also covers vacuuming and mopping of floors. Removal of cobwebs.


Cleaning windows and glass surfaces

Windows and glass surfaces demand extra care and consideration. In fact, there are specialized window cleaners for the same. 


Floor vacuuming

Move out cleaning services also include vacuuming and mopping of hard floors that deep clean tough stains and spots on the tiles.


Additional services

Well, these services are not part of the general packages, but you can activate additional services by paying extra charges, such as carpet deep cleaning and sofa laundry. 


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What are the key points to be concerned about while booking a move out deep cleaning in Dubai?

move in deep cleaning dubai


While booking a move out deep cleaning in Dubai, you should be specific about the following points with your deep cleaning company.


  • Always double-check the services included in the package and the overall cost of the same. You are always free to raise your queries if any are related to the pricing plans.
  • While booking an appointment, ask your deep cleaning service providers for the licenses and insurance. This will safeguard your apartment’s safety and security.
  • Additionally, communicate your specific cleaning requests to your service provider in advance. You can also ask for the extra services if required.
  • Establish clear and concise communication with the cleaner. Let them know about any damaged areas or appliances that may need special attention.
  • If you’re booking a service during the peak moving season, schedule in advance, since in peak season, it is not possible to grab the desired time. 


How much does a move out deep cleaning cost in Dubai?

The cost of move out deep cleaning depends on multiple factors, such as:

  • Brand reputation of the deep cleaning company in Dubai.
  • Size of the apartment.
  • Royalty discounts for the customers.


Though the move out deep cleaning costs in Dubai varies from brand to brand, it’s still predictable. For apartments, it starts at AED 299, and for big villas, it starts at AED 599. If you’re wondering for a reliable name in Dubai that offers affordable move out cleaning services, trust CleaningCompany.AE.


Why is it essential to book a move out cleaning service before vacating?

In big cities, such as Dubai, property owners ask for a fixed deposit before allocating the rentals the same. It is termed a security cost that is refunded to the rental when they are vacating. To ensure the full return of this deposit, it’s imperative to book a move out cleaning service before vacating. Here’s why:


  • Property owners typically conduct thorough inspections before refunding the security deposit. By hiring a professional deep cleaning service, you ensure that the property is left in pristine condition, minimizing the chances of deductions from your deposit for cleaning-related issues.
  • Lease agreements often stipulate the condition in which the property should be returned at the end of the tenancy. Booking a move out cleaning service helps fulfill these requirements, ensuring compliance with the lease terms and avoiding potential disputes with the landlord.
  • Not only this, but leaving an apartment entirely clean and organized builds your image as a cultivated human. It also levels up the living conditions for the next resident who is moving into the apartment.


Find an affordable move out/ move in deep cleaning Dubai can ever offer

If you’re searching for an affordable move-out/move in deep cleaning in Dubai can offer to you, trust CleaningCompany.AE. With years of experience and expertise, our team offers the best services for every household. 


In conclusion, a move out cleaning service typically includes a comprehensive cleaning of your entire home, with a specific focus on areas that landlords or property managers often inspect during move-outs. By taking this proactive step, you demonstrate responsibility and consideration for both the property and future occupants, leaving a positive impression and contributing to a smoother transition for all involved.

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