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Due to the dusty weather in Dubai, the houses get easily dirty by the accumulation of dust in every nook and cranny. Over a period of time, the dirt gathered in your home can not be removed by normal cleaning. So, the solution is to hire the most affordable, efficient, and professional deep cleaning services from CleaningCompany.AE


Why deep cleaning instead of normal cleaning?

Every house or office has those hard-to-reach areas and tough-to-find dust and dirt which are not removed by normal cleaning. Our deep cleaning professionals are equipped with special machines for floor scrubbing and steaming. The expert cleaners will provide top-to-bottom complete cleaning of your home or office with more attention to hard-to-reach and even harder-to-clean areas.


What We Do


At CleaningCompany.AE we provide the following as part of deep cleaning:

Living Room Deep Cleaning:

The furniture is removed and floors are deep cleaned. We provide extra care to the windows, floors, and tiles. Our professionals do a thorough vacuuming of the carpets, upholstered furnishings, and floor mats to remove all the dust accumulated on the surface.


Kitchen Deep Cleaning:

We clean the inside/outside of cabinets, ovens, sides of the cooking area and make it spotless. Our cleaners focus on the spots and hard stains on the cabinet doors, underneath the sink, and space over the cupboards. The cleaners give special care to the fridge and oven to make it thoroughly clean. The steaming is used to remove the grease and oil from kitchen walls and cabinets.


Bathroom Deep Cleaning:

We do clean and disinfect bathrooms, including toilets, sinks, tubs, and showers. The cleaners scrub the tiles on the floor and walls with hard brushes to remove the dirt accumulated. We use a single disk floor scrubbing machine to do grout cleaning.


Bedroom Deep Cleaning:

We do dusting of picture frames and door frames. The cleaners dust, mop, and brush all the electrical appliances, floors, and tile. Our professionals also vacuum and flip the mattress, straighten and organize beds, changing the linens if necessary.


Other Areas:

We do deep cleaning for the balcony area, the windows, and the floor. For the chairs, sofa, carpet, curtains, and mattresses we do vacuuming to remove the dust and dirt on them.


When do you need a deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning is a highly beneficial process that will entirely change the way your home or office were looking. One thing you must know is when you require deep cleaning. Here are the most common situations you are required to go for deep cleaning,


  1. When moving into a new apartment or villa, you should be doing a thorough deep cleaning, steaming, and sanitization. Inside and outside of the villa need to be cleaned with a high-pressure water machine to ensure you are bringing your family to a safe and hygienic place.

  3. While moving out during the end of the tenancy is another popular time people hire deep cleaning professionals. This will enable you to hand over the home in perfect condition back to the owner.

  5. Every 6 months as advised by our experts. Because this seasonal deep cleaning is required to maintain your home in the best conditions thereby keeping yourself in a better environment.


Benefits Of Deep Cleaning

The major benefit of deep cleaning is that it improves the indoor air quality of your house. Deep cleaning decreases the allergens such as dust mites. It will also eliminate all the viruses and bacteria from your home. The furniture and carpets will have an extended lifespan. It creates a peaceful and healthy environment in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

We provide very affordable deep cleaning services in Dubai. The price starts from 210aed and depends on the size and present conditions of your home. This charge includes all the cleaning products and equipment used.
It depends on the whether you clean your home regularly or not. We advise the residents to deep clean your home every six months if not cleaned regularly. If there is regular cleaning then once a year would be fine. Still, certain areas of the home like bathroom and kitchen do require deep cleaning using professional equipment periodically.
A deep cleaning for example, a 2 bedroom house would take around 4 hours to get it deep cleaned. The time depends on the size and condition of your home.
A standard clean used to maintain a good level of cleanliness around the home. It includes vacuuming the living areas, mopping the floors, cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. Deep cleaning would reach the deeper grime and dirt in your home. It includes cleaning behind kitchen appliances, complete dusting corners of rooms, cleaning cabins etc..
It depends whether the house is new or old. For an old home it would take more time(for example fours required for two bedroom apartment) than a new one. The condition of the house is important to calculate the time required.

If you are looking for a deep cleaning services in Dubai, CALL US ON TOLL-FREE 800-22-764 for the quote.