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  1. “The Company” is the Cleaning company
  2. “The Cleaner” is an operative member of the company working who is carrying out the cleaning services of the company
  3. “You or the client” is the one benefited with the cleaning services
  4. “Service” is the cleaning work served by the company equivalent to the amount of money and time availed by the client
  5. “Booking” is the schedule of the cleaning session.

Hours of Service

  1. Minimum of 3 hours per cleaning visit applies. (for house cleaning )
  2. Cleaning service starts at 8 am to 7:30 pm.


  1. The contract is provided to clients availing service monthly.


  1. Rate of 40 dirhams per hour (without materials)
  2. Rate of 50 dirhams per hour (with materials)
  3. Upholstery cleaning rate depends on sizes


  1. Preferably through cash payment
  2. Issuing of cheque is also considered
  3. Failure for handing over the payment should be given note to the company

Company Obligations

  1. Our obligation is to provide on-time service and in any delay, the client will receive notification.
  2. Any matters will be taken into discussion.
  3. The company will comply as well with the adjustments laid down by clients.

Client Obligations

  1. The client is required to provide all the information needed for the booking.
  2. Information regarding the cleaner access must be relayed to the management.
  3. To make prompt payment for the service provided and additional services in any case.
  4. To give notification if there are changes in the bookings or other instructions.


  1. Cancellation of the booking should be made a day before or 3 hours before the set schedule.


  1. Complaints in the service provided must be escalated to the management.
  2. Complaints must be elevated the soonest for resolution.