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It was a very perfect job & the payment to go through online.
The maids they knew what to do without asking too many questions just show them the cleaning stuff.
They are quite you don’t hear they are talking.
I like what they did to the bed sheets and I send it to my friends to 3 countries abroad they clean everywhere up & under.
Really I recommend them to anyone who wants their house to be super clean.
Sundus Mohamed
Liked their work. Very professional. Definitely, I’ll use them again
Ahmed Zool
We used your service for the first time and your cleaners are truly professional and well trained. Excellent service and will rate 5* for your punctuality.
Keep up the excellent service.
Maaz Ahmed
testimonial after good cleaning
I really like their work, they are professional and really fast in their work, I will certainly deal with them again, thank you ❤️
Mounia Moon
Cleaning was good! Just need to improve a bit on the time to complete the job.
Serhat S. Cubukcuoglu
I had a very good experience and the maids very good and polite and working hard. My complaint is for a driver because the maid finished on her time and he came to pick her after more than hour that incidence happened two times. Otherwise, the service is perfect, they started on time and finished on time.
thank u
alaa ali
Very accurate timing and really professional work service provider.
Miled Zd
I am working with this cleaning company for one year. we are using this company for our apartment and our commercial business…..
totally recommend
Khaled Alomar
Hi i want just to say thank you thank you so of much for this company .. yesterday the service it was more than excellent thanx a-lot for both ladies who came into my apartment .. they helped me a lot and they finish all the cleaning areas the hall with balcony and 3 washrooms and 1 bedroom in 3 hours mashallah they were fast and friendly.. I like them both .. inshallah, again and again, I will book only from your company for next time.
Um Khamis

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