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useful cleaning tips will keep your house shining

1.     Always start with the basic : to keep your house clean and dust free, make sure to vacuam your house once a week and clean your house twice a week

2.     Make sure this ( mop, clean, wax your floor) : clean your floor with broom and mop will keep your floor clean, putting wax at your floor will help your floor stay away from worn down

3.     Clean your windows : clean it from inside and outside, use a glass cleaner and clean piece of cloth. The cloth you are using should be without lint.

4.     Maintain your appliances clean: clean your appliances clean can be helpful for making it last longer. To clean them use a detergent and soft clothes

5.     4. Clean your appliances: Clean your appliances regularly. Cleaning your appliances will help them last longer and look better. Use a detergent and a soft cloth to clean your appliances.

6.     Bathroom cleaning : to clean your bathroom, you need to use a light detergent and soft cloth. Cleaning your bathroom is important to maintain your bathroom germs free and shining.

7.     Kitchen cleaning: kitchen should be cleaned regularly. Kitchen is the place where you store your food and the smell of cocking will stay there for long and you will not notice it. Make sure to clean your kitchen and give it a deep cleaning at least once a a year.

8.     Furniture cleaning: furniture is everything about sofa, mattress, carpet and other wooden table and chairs. Generally all the furnure cleaning will be done as vacuuming and dusting. It is very important to make deep furniture cleaning at least once a year to keep it brand new and maintain the texture colours .

9.     Air cleaning : yes, air cleaning. Make sure to change the air filters and make duct cleaning regularly. A lot of dust and mites are store it there. Duct cleaning is important to keep the fresh air and keep your health good