Our leather sofa cleaning is based on the professional team and technology. The cleaners are trained to carry out the cleaning of leather sofa and know the best way to restore and revive leather upholstery We ensure that your sofa stays supple, chemical-free and fresh.

The main stages of leather sofa cleaning:

  1. Stage 1:  Inspection of the leather: The type of leather is checked by the team. This is an important step where the team will decide the level of cleaning required and the products to be used. Also, there are different types of leather used in upholstery depending on the variety in texture. We will also identify if the sofa is finished leather or unfinished leather. So, the inspection is the prime most step in the leather sofa cleaning.
  2. Stage 2:  Determine the appropriate cleaning method: The cleaners have now understood the details of the sofa like the type of leather, the stains and the status of the leather. Sometimes the leather might be partially damaged making it difficult to clean.
  3. Stage 3: Now the cleaning is basically by hand and steam machine. Using the cleaning product the cleaner applies on the surface of the sofa to remove the dirt and oil embedded in the leather. When there are hard stains steam machine is used with special and cleansing cloths.


It is advised to get your leather sofa cleaned every 6 months by the professional. Give us a Call Today for a Leather Upholstery Cleaning in Dubai, it’s Quick, Easy, and Obligation-Free! 800-22-764