Steam Cleaning Dubai

Steam cleaning is the most effective cleaning for eliminating germs, bacteria and microorganisms such as mold and dust mites without using any chemicals. We use a compact and robust steam cleaner which offers outstanding power and certified disinfection. Optimal cleaning effect is achieved because of 4-bar steam pressure. We provide hygienic cleaning without the use of chemical substances. Only water is used for cleaning – unharmful to health and cost-effective.


The benefits of steam cleaning are:

  1. The process is safe and environmental in nature. Compared to traditional cleaning which use chemicals steaming only need water and therefore it is safe for your family and pets.
  2. The hot steam contains less than 5% water and anything it clean will dry quickly. This makes it ideal for cleaning the mattresses, fabrics, carpets and even clothing.
  3. It will remove any dirt or residue left behind after normal cleaning. The hot steam is able to sanitize and disinfect your place perfectly.
  4. All the bacteria, viruses, allergens, dust mites are eliminated by the steam effectively.  The steam penetrate the pores and will remove every dirt, debris or bacteria inside.


The experts advice to do steam cleaning couple of times a year to make it hygienic and eliminate harmful bacterias or allergens. If you think your home is dirty and you need a safe, non-toxic cleaning by steaming call us on toll free 800-22-764.