What does cleaning sofa service mean?

Are you wondering why you need cleaning sofa services?

Imagine reaching your home after a hectic day. What’s the first thing you do? Obviously, you stretch yourself on the sofa. Well, this is something we all do. The sofa is more a feeling than furniture. But do you know a sofa surface carries more germs than the average toilet seat?

That’s obvious too. Every day our sofa faces a lot of challenges with us. Even we can spot so many dirt particles on the sofa. These may include body hairs, dead skin, dust, food crumbs, and much more. And what’s worse is that these tiny particles can cause serious health issues, including allergies and infections.

Thus sofa cleaning at regular intervals is essential to carry forward your comfort. Book the best sofa cleaning services, maintain its original texture, and enjoy your serene moments. Stretch on your clean sofa after a long day, watch TV, nap, or just lay back to read your favorite book.

Apart. When you book a professional sofa cleaner in Dubai. They follow effective techniques that extend the life of your sofa. Hence, cleaning sofa services make your sofa look neat and elegant. And also enhance its overall life span. Also, deep cleaning improves the air quality. What are you still waiting for? Book CleaningComapny.Ae, sofa cleaners Dubai for your Upholstery Cleaning.

Kind Of Sofa Cleaning In Dubai We Do

Sofa cleaning is a service that you need regularly every 6 months or one year at maximum range. We do fabric sofa cleaning in Dubai for 7 days a week you can call us to book at the same day or future days.

Benefit of cleaning the sofa

  • Removal of dust
  • Remove the wine ( this is not guaranteed, depending on the stain it self and how long it was there )
  • Removing the cat and baby pee
  • Removing the stains of vomit
  • Removing the smell of the sweat
  • Removing The Old Stains From Your Sofa
  • Removing The Food crumbs
  • Removing The Pees Of Baby And Cats
  • Removing the coffee and juice stains all general dirt and

dust has accumulated on your sofa. Cleaning the sofa regularly is a must, as it is helpful to maintain the sofa texture and colors. Sofa deep cleaning is very helpful to clean your sofa and it is different from normal sofa cleaning, since we are using a professional machine for this job and special materials. This material is helpful to make your sofa clean and look brand new again.

with no damage to colors or sofa fabric.

The sofa will look better if you are having a sofa cleaning as we advice to cleaning the sofa at least once a year, so your sofa will look brand new again instead of buying a new one

Deep cleaning your sofa by giving it a sofa shampooing provided by pros like us who’s having a professional machine and chemical then bringing a 4 years of sofa cleaning expertise will extended the life of your sofa and it is a cost effective process since you don’t to buy a new Sofa deep cleaning will help to preserve the sofa appearance and keeping the color and texture as original Sofa cleaning service will help to minimize the allergy and remove the dead bacteria from your sofa so you are having a healthier place So your sofa is brand new again.

How we work! 

Initial information collection

Our professional team will collect all the details about the sofa when there is an inquiry for deep cleaning of the sofa. So the cleaner comes your home with prior information on the sofa.

The information includes the number of seats, the current condition of the sofa, the type of dirt and stains embed on the

couch, etc.,

The Onsite survey

The cleaner arrives at the customer’s house. He will check the intensity of dirt and stains on the sofa, and determine the fabricof the sofa from its tag. Then he decides which chemicals,

equipment, and strategy for the cleaning based on the fabric of the upholstery. He will choose whether to use normal shampooing nozzle or deep cleaning nozzle with a high level of

shampooing, water sucking, and extra brushing.


The cleaners would remove the dust, sand, and other dirt particles from the surface of the sofas using a powerful vacuum cleaner. We use a lint roller to remove lint or pet hair which the vacuum cleaner can’t remove. If there are any spots or stains,we use special chemical agents to remove those.

Sofa shampooing

We use a professional shampooing machine which deals with all the fabric without changing the color and maintaining the fabric status. The cleaner applies the shampoo and water, mixed at

normal temperature, on the sofa. This is carefully worked on to the sofa and allowed to penetrate the fiber and remove any grease or oil attached to it. Then the machine will extract out

the mixture along with dirt, sterilizing the deep level of the sofa.There is some difficult part of the sofa unreachable for themachines especially the backside. We do brushing on those

areas manually with an upholstery cleaner brush. At the end ofthe process, all the dirt and stains will be removed from the fabric. We guarantee our result without causing any damage to

the upholstery. Also, we are not cleaning only where the dirt is

present but the whole sofa itself.

CleaningCompany.Ae: Top Sofa Cleaning Company in Dubai

Before searching for sofa cleaning services near me or sofa cleaners near me, remember CleaningCompany.Ae first.

We are top-notch sofa cleaners with a decade of experience in sofa deep cleaning services. Depending on the types of stains and dirt, we offer different kinds of cleaning sofa services. Upholstery experts recommend that you should get deep clean your sofa at least twice a year.

Further, we have a team of professional experts who are skilled and well-trained in their respective fields. We utilize the best products to balance the wholeness of your sofa. Moreover, our team promises to offer you the most affordable sofa cleaning services in Dubai.

Let’s clean your sofa without giving up on its texture, newness, and authenticity. Google Review

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Five quick advantages of professional sofa cleaning

Despite numerous benefits, sofa deep cleaning is essential to bring hygiene. Here is the list of major advantages of hiring sofa cleaners in Dubai.

  1. Cleaning sofas removes dust mites and specks of dirt from their surface.
  2. Eliminates harmful bacteria, germs, and other microorganisms.
  3. Sofa Cleaner Dubai helps you get rid of hard and fixed stains on the sofa’s surface. For example, wine, coffee, vomit, juice, or any other accumulated old stain.
  4. Your pets or babies often accidentally pee on the sofa, leaving a yellow, odourful, and hard spot on its surface. Best sofa cleaning services help you to remove that too.
  5. Our family often sits and lies on the sofa for so long. This creates an unpleasant and sweaty odor. Only the best sofa cleaners in Dubai, like us, can help you to fix this. accepting Credit Card Visa And-Master Card

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Find our core sofa cleaning services Dubai

  • Sofa Cleaning Services
  • Best Sofa Deep Cleaning Dubai At Your Home Or Office
  • Same Day Sofa Shampooing Cleaning Services

Besides, our house cleaning service includes carpet cleaning and residential cleaning. You can book any of these depending on your needs and preferences.

Professional Sofa Cleaning Methods You Must Know

You must know the right sofa cleaning method to minimize damage to your valuable asset. Well, a cleaning company can follow multiple sofa cleaning methods, including.

  1. Sofa Shampooing: Shampooing is one of the most preferred sofa cleaning services. In this, a chemical-free shampoo is applied onto the softa and kept to rest for a certain period. This helps to fix stains on the sofa. After that, the surface is vacuum-cleaned. And you can experience a free-smelling sofa.
  2. Steam Cleaning: The method utilizes high-temperature steam heat to eliminate dust and other particles from the sofa. Further, steam cleaning assures that sofa is well-cleaned, and no moisture is left on the surface.
  3. Chemical Cleaning: This is one of the least preferred sofa cleaning methods that allow you to sanitize your sofa surface using chemicals.

CleaningCompany.Ae only choose the best cleaning method for you

We at CleaningCompany.Ae choose only the best sofa cleaning method for you. In our past years of experience, we have used almost all of the sofa cleaning services in Dubai. And realize that our customers prefer shampooing their sofas the most.

And that’s obvious, too, shampooing cleans your sofa the best way possible without causing significant damage. As the amount of shampoo can be controlled, there are minimum chances of moisture damage.

Further, we use the best cleaning products. Our shampooing chemical for sofa cleaning doesn’t have any side effects. What are you still waiting for? Trust us blindfolded and book your first sofa cleaning service in Dubai.

How do we work?

We follow a simple set of procedures to clean your sofa. Here are the arranged steps.

  1. Quickly book your cleaning slot per time and preferences.
  2. Further, you can easily book us on our website or by dialing 0564660472 right away.
  3. Also, we will estimate your cost once you dictate your requirements or desired services.
  4. As soon as the deal is locked, our team of professionals will reach your address.
  5. Our skilled team will shampoo and clean your sofa onsite.
  6. However, after three hours of cleaning service, you can use your sofa.

After the results, you will feel a great change in your sofa. Better texture, a new-like finish, and much more. Thus, urging you to book a service with us next time as well. Talking particularly about sofa cleaning in Dubai, we have a versatile experience. Every day we deal with the bulk of service orders. And we even fulfill all of those with complete customer satisfaction. Thus, we proudly assure you that we got the best sofa cleaning Dubai can ever offer you.

Why only CleaningCompany.Ae for your Sofa Cleaning

  1. Rated 4.7 out of 5 among our customers.
  2. Operates seven days a week.
  3. Premium quality cleaning services.
  4. Transparency, honesty, and integrity.
  5. Eco-friendly tools and techniques.

Cleaning the sofa is not a choice but a necessity.

Let’s fulfill your sofa cleaning needs.