The school is the second home for the student and the first place to start the educational process. It is also important to all the principals, teachers, students. The school buildings and facilities are not less important than the human elements that make up the school. Its reputation stands out through cleanliness
What is the school cleaning about?

Classroom cleaning: As we are now part of the school, so our role is to provide hygiene environment for our students and teachers. We do that by two steps

  1. Daily cleaning: This include mopping and cleaning the floor, dusting and the cleaning of the chairs, tables, windows, and the doors, emptying the trash cans.
  2. Weekly cleaning: In the library, store area there are areas which are not directly accessible. Those areas might get dust accumulated over some days. So we clean those areas using tools like ladder etc., to clean those areas.

General area cleaning: We clean the auditorium, waiting area, corridors etc., with regular mopping and cleaning the floors.

Washrooms cleaning: These are the place which has a big chance to transfer the bacteria to the students so we should focus on the cleaning for a daily basis repeatedly. The toilets and the floor are always cleaned with standard disinfectants. The walls are scrubbed and the washroom would be kept clean and without any foul smell.

Playground(Play area): These places are where the kids always been engaged in their joyful activities. So the importance of keeping this area clean is also high. The floors are swept, mopped and any items need to be kept clean are cleaned.

Communication with the school cleaning management: After the school cleaning task is assigned to us we will give to our customer the best-trained cleaners. Our trusted cleaners can provide high-quality cleaning and they would organize their cleaning on appropriate times of the school and classes. We aim at giving the best school cleaning services in Dubai to the customers. If you want to know more or avail our school cleaning service call us directly or email us to