DIY floor cleaning of natural stones and marbles.

Professional floor cleaning not only makes the natural stones and marbles shine brighter but also disinfects the germs present on the surface. 


Marbles and natural stone as a flooring option adds grace to every home. Popular for their timeless charm, marbles are highly desirable natural stones. They look sophisticated and add a level of elegance to any living space. It won’t be exaggerated if we say that every slab of marble is a testament to a unique, stunning beauty appeal.

Though the beauty of marble floors is mesmerizing, you can’t ignore the fact that maintaining marble floors is a significant task. But it’s not as expensive as people portray it. In fact, if you know some basic tips, maintaining marble floors is easy. In this blog, our experts have compiled some useful tricks to make DIY floor cleaning easier for you.


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What are the major reasons for marble floors’ staining?

Before we learn about DIY and professional floor cleaning, let’s first unwrap the major components that cause harm to the pristine shine of the marble. Additionally, you should be careful with the following substances to protect the luster of your floor.

  • Citrus or Acidic Compounds
  • Colored Substances such as Red Wine
  • Soap Scum and Toilet Products.
  • Sticky Substances such as Gum and Grease.


DIY Floor Cleaning Guide

professional floor cleaning

If you’re looking for ways that can help you with floor cleaning, here’s a guide that can help you get your floor deep cleaned, maintaining the pristine shine of the marble and natural stone.


Hot water is sufficient for regular cleaning

If you are someone who is using highly acidic products to clean marble floors, stop it today. For regular cleaning, hot water is just sufficient for marbles. Additionally, you can add worth to it using specially formulated marble cleaners. But, while choosing marble cleaners, products that contain abrasive additives, acids, citrus oils, and ammonia. Further, don’t scrub the marble surface too hard; use a soft microfiber cloth. 


Use hydrogen peroxide with baking soda for tough stains

Imagine you had a warm house party with your friends at home! And, after you notice wine spots on the floor, what will you do in that case? A spot from red wine or anything related can definitely ruin your look. It can quickly seep beneath the surface. But worry less; here’s a home remedy that can help you with that. At first, you should wipe off the excess color with distilled water. Now, make a consistent mix using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Cover a thick layering of this paste on the stains and spots and leave the surface for 24 hours. After a day, when the paste is completely dried, rinse the surface again with distilled water. And if you still find stains, repeat the above steps a maximum of five times. That’s how you can unlock a clean and sparking surface. 


Use warm and distilled water to wash off the acid

Further, if ever by chance, acid falls on the surface, immediately using warm and distilled water. Acid can harm the appearance and brightness of the marble by reacting with the calcium carbonate. Thus, it requires immediate care and concern. After washing away with water, wipe off the residue. The warm and distilled water minimizes the harm involved in the case. Further, if you witness any damage while floor cleaning, you can use etch remover or marble polishing product, and the marble will return its shine. 


A microfiber towel is enough to clean soap scum

Soap scum not only makes the marble surface slippery over time but also leaves hard water stains on the surface. If you have shower residue or your toiletries spell on the surface, you can use a microfiber towel to clean the surface. All you have to do is spray a little marble cleaner and then gently rub the surface in circles using the microfiber towel. Later, just rinse the surface with distilled water and then dry the surface using another clean cloth. 

On the other hand, cleaning soap scum from the surface is quite simple. Combine warm water with a pH-neutral detergent, and then rub the affected area with a sponge. Later, rinse the surface and use a towel to dry completely.


Ice cubes work smoothly for cleaning gum and grease

During floor cleaning, you often struggle to tackle gum and grease. Cleaning these adhesives requires a unique set of cleaning practices. What people often do is clean these adhesives with a sharp-edge knife. But these can leave the surface scratched and rough. Rather, you can use fingernails. If the gum is quite hard, you can rub the surface covered with an icy bag on the surface. It will harden the gum, and then you can simply scrape it out using wooden or plastic utensils. 


Use a kitchen dish soap solution to get rid of the oil-based products

Another thing that our floors often encounter is makeup spills. By chance, if you ever spilled face washes, toners, or lotions, you can simply use a dish soap solution to get rid of that. Avoid scraping or rubbing. Simply dilute some pH-neutral dish soap, rinse it with warm distilled water, and wipe it with a clean cloth. You can repeat the step several times until the stain has subsided.


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Book Professional Deep Cleaning Dubai

Last but not least, you should understand that nothing can match the level of professional floor cleaning. Thus, you should book Expert Deep Cleaning Dubai with CleaningCompany.AE. With professional cleaners and high-edge cleaning tools, we offer you the best deep cleaning Dubai can ever offer.


In conclusion, achieving and maintaining the pristine shine of natural stones and marbles requires attention to detail and the right cleaning methods. Floor cleaning is the best way to tackle the stains and spots on the marble surface. Whether you choose to tackle floor cleaning yourself or enlist professional help, prioritizing the care and maintenance of your natural stones and marbles will ensure they continue to exude elegance and charm for years to come.

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