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Moving in is an exciting as well as daunting task. Shifting to a new place is a beautiful turn for everyone. But sometimes, this can be difficult as well. It is not easy for an individual to take care of everything while moving in. That’s where assistance services help the individuals. The move in cleaning services sets the aura of a new place as well as unlocks hygiene and a safer environment. 


But the real question is, what are important elements of a move in the cleaning checklist that one should ensure to maximize your experience? Here is a blog to guide you with the same. CleaningComapny.AE is a leading name in Dubai. As an experienced deep cleaning company, we have been providing our clients with the best treatment for more than a decade. And here is what our experts have compiled for you: a detailed move in cleaning checklist for Dubai. 


Checklist for Move in Cleaning in Dubai

As per our experts, deep cleaning in Dubai compromises different sections and elements. It is definitely not a single task but a fusion of activities that is responsible for deep cleaning your home.

The checklist includes the following tasks:


  1. The first thing that a deep cleaning company will do is dust cleaning. In a busy terrain like Dubai, dust is pretty common. Thus, first, cleaners will remove dust associated with the rooms and furniture. It will wipe down and make the surfaces clean.
  2. A normal wiping doesn’t work on all rough and tough stains. Thus, after normal wipes, the cleaners in Dubai extend their services deep and apply proven and tested methods to remove the tough stains.
  3. Later, all the cabinets, closets, and cupboards in all the rooms, including bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, are thoroughly cleaned. 
  4. After cleaning the closets, the floors of all the rooms are broomed and mopped. The professional deep cleaners will even take care of hard-to-reach corners and spots in the room. It especially takes care of the spot where the broom or vacuum can’t reach, such as stinky bed corners.
  5. Later, they take special care of windows and mirrors. Window glasses and mirrors require unique cleaning solutions. This ensures that no stains or smudges are left on the surface.
  6. After cleaning the major part of the room, a professional deep cleaning company takes care of sinks and basins.
  7.  The Dubai cleaners later deep-cleaned the faucets and showers of kitchens and bathrooms. This also includes cleaning the blocked orifices. 
  8. The fixtures of the kitchen and bathroom are scrubbed and cleaned.
  9. The process doesn’t stop here; a deep move in cleaning service also wipes the trace of dust and spots from ceiling fans and AC grills.
  10. In any house, cabinets are often not cleaned every day. Thus, the place acts as a breeding ground for pests and bugs. Further, the professional cleaners cleaned the bathroom and kitchen cabinets inside out.
  11. They also take care of deep cleaning of electronic appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines, and so on. This ensures a total removal of the grime accumulated over time on the appliance. If not cleaned properly, it might act as a breeding ground for mold and mildew, seriously affecting your family’s health. 
  12. Additionally, if your new place is already fully or semi-furnished, the move in cleaning company will also wipe the furniture and clean all the dust. Even a few companies also polish the rough surface of furniture corners.
  13. You can also extend the service package to the balconies and terraces, where they will take care of the floors and furniture associated.


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What kind of process does a move in cleaning company follow in Dubai

deep cleaning services Dubai

Now that you know exactly what a moving cleaning company does for your new home, you might be wondering how they achieve their target. What are the deep cleaning techniques they follow or adapt to fulfill their responsibilities? Here are the processes involved:


  1. Vacuuming: Just as basic cleaning, the deep cleaners also opt for vacuuming. Here, a vacuum machine is used to take away the dirt and other stains.
  2. Scrubbing: Well, this is one of the most common deep cleaning techniques. Professional experts use some strong chemicals, leave it for a while, and then scrub it. This helps in getting rid of tough stains and spots. This technique is applicable even for the hardcore regions, such as bathroom tiles, kitchen cabinets, and balcony corners.
  3. Wiping: This is a soft cleaning technique. Here, the damp soft cloth is used to wipe the furniture and other delicate areas.
  4. Steaming: Steaming is also an essential component of deep cleaning service. Moreover, this is one of the most eco-friendly methods of deep cleaning. Steam cleaning can be used on surfaces, furniture, faucets, gas cookers, or carpets. It not only removes dirt and stains from the surface but also helps households get rid of germs or bacteria that are not visible to the naked eye.
  5. Washing: Last but not least, the washing technique is used to clean open areas that can easily withstand the inflow and outflow of the water stream.


CleaningCompany.AE: Book today your move in cleaning services

With years of experience and expertise, CleaningCompany.AE offers the best services in the town. Our team has access to cutting-edge tools and techniques that facilitate the finest deep cleaning services Dubai can ever offer. To learn more or to book an appointment, connect with us.


Concluding, moving into a new home in Dubai is an exciting milestone, but ensuring a clean and hygienic environment is essential for a smooth transition. With the comprehensive move-in cleaning checklist provided, individuals can rest assured that every corner of their new space will receive meticulous attention from experienced professionals.

So, whether you’re preparing to move into a fully furnished apartment or a semi-furnished villa, entrust your cleaning needs to a leading market professional. Book your move-in cleaning services with CleaningCompany.AE today and embark on your new chapter with confidence, knowing that your home is in expert hands.

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