Bathroom Cleaning: Remove Hard Water Stains

Explore some incredible bathroom cleaning hacks to get rid of hard water stains from tiles and floors.


Have you ever spotted tough and grimy water stains on your bathroom floors and tiles? Relax back! This is one of the most common problems faced by UAe households. Thanks to Dubai’s hard water, which is rich in magnesium, copper, and calcium. Hard water often leaves behind hard stains on the surface that are not that easy to clean. For this purpose, you might need to book professional bathroom cleaning services in Dubai to get rid of stains fully. But with some DIY bathroom cleaning hacks that can help you with the same. 


But first, what do you understand by hard water?

Before we understand how you can get rid of hard water stains, let’s understand the meaning of hard water. As the name suggests, har water got its name from a high concentration of minerals. It is filled with rough minerals, including magnesium, copper, calcium, and bicarbonates. Usually, these minerals aren’t dangerous but can leave stubborn white stains on your home’s surface. 


Why are hard water stains tough to remove?

Now that you know the meaning of hard water, you can easily understand why it is too difficult to get rid of hard water stains. Usually, these hard water stains are formed when water falls on the surface. It then evaporates and leaves the minerals on the surface. When they are not cleaned for a long time, they accumulate on the surface, forming hard spots. 


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Bathroom Cleaning: How to get rid of the hard water stains

bathroom cleaning

Well, the very first and most efficient way to get rid of the hard water stains from the bathroom surface is by booking a professional bathroom cleaning service, like CleaningCompany.AE. They are the experts, well-trained experts in their respective fields, and have access to top-notch tools and techniques required for floor deep cleaning. Alternatively, you can also use some homemade ingredients such as baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and white vinegar to get rid of hard stains from the different surfaces of the bathrooms.


Remove hard water stains from the bathtub

One of the most affected regions in the bathrooms by water stains is the bathtubs. If you also want to tackle hard water stains from the bathtub, you can simply think of using diluted white vinegar. White vinegar is known for its cleaning capabilities. Also known as acetic acid, vinegar can help you get rid of the year’s old dirt and grime. All you have to do is mix the equal parts of the distilled acetic acid and water. Now, spray the solution all over your bathtub. Let the solution set for a while, depending on the intensity of the stain. After some time, use a microfiber cleaning cloth and scrub the bathtub with light pressure. Then, just simply rinse the bathtub with clean water and allow it to dry. And this is how you can unlock a fresh new bathtub. 


Remove hard water stains from stainless steel shower and faucets

Follow the same steps for bathroom cleaning described above if you want to remove hard water stains from stainless steel faucets and showers. But the only thing you need to note is that, unlike the bathtub, don’t leave the solution for too long. Stainless steel is highly reactive, and leaving it too long in vinegar can reduce its sparkle. For this purpose, you can dilute white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. To clean the surface, spray a little of this mixture and scrub with a clean cloth. This way, you can remove hard water stains from the stainless steel surface.


Remove hard water stains from bathroom tiles

Bathroom tile cleaning can give headaches to anyone, especially if it contains hard water marks. For tile cleaning, you can utilize any of the following methodologies. Use salt and water to scrub the water stains on the tiles. Or you can also use a white vinegar and baking soda combination for the real tough stains on the bathroom tiles. That’s how you can say goodbye to the hard water stains from the bathroom tiles. Another magical ingredient to remove hard water stains is hydrogen peroxide. Apply the hydrogen peroxide to the affected region and let it sit for 15-20 minutes, and stains vanish after a little scrub.


Clean floor tiles with baking soda

Tackling dirty and grimy floors is another important part of bathroom cleaning. You might also be observing water stains and grime on your bathroom floors. The good news is that you can clean floor tiles with baking soda and vinegar. Pour distilled white vinegar on the bathroom floor and leave for overnight. Later in the morning, sprinkle baking soda on the floor and scrub using a bathroom cleaning brush. Rinse the floor with clean water and witness the sparkling results. 


Remove hard water stains from glasses

Another tough bathroom cleaning task is cleaning windows and glasses. To remove hard water stains from the window and glass, simply spray diluted vinegar on the surface and then wipe it down with a clean microfiber cloth. In this way, you can clean stains from the mirrors and glasses as well.


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CleaningCompany.AE- Professional Bathroom Cleaning Services in Dubai

Our experts have mentioned some proven deep-cleaning hacks that can help you to clean your bathroom. But we also know that not everyone has enough time to implement these hacks. Here, you can seek assistance from professionals. CleaningCompany.AE is the best deep bathroom cleaning company in Dubai that can assist you with all your needs. For a query or quote, connect with us today.


In conclusion, tackling hard water stains in your bathroom can be an irritating task, but with the right strategies, you can achieve a sparkling clean result. Understanding the composition of hard water and its effects on surfaces is the first step toward effective bathroom cleaning. Remember, you should regularly get your bathroom professionally cleaned for a hygienic atmosphere.

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