How Deep Mattress Cleaning Is Different From Standard Practices

You might not find it important, but your mattress demands a deep cleaning service every six months. Here’s everything you need to know about deep mattress cleaning.


Every day, we emphasize hygiene and cleaning things around us. Whether rooms, furniture, kitchens, or bathrooms, we make efforts to take care of tidiness. But most of our cleaning routines don’t include mattresses. Doesn’t this leave you astonished? A study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology found that a single mattress can harbor over 10 million dust mites. Not only dust but sometimes mattresses pave the way to pathogens as well, which can infect your family’s health.


You might be changing your bed sheets often. But how dedicated are you to following deep mattress cleaning practices to unlock a hygienic and safer version of the mattresses? Deep mattress cleaning not only frees your mattresses from dust, dirt, and dead skin but also gives them a long life and a sound sleep. Let’s understand what deep mattress cleaning services are. It also delves into why they are necessary and how they are different from regular practices. 


Why your bed deserves a deep mattress cleaning


As per a study, an average human spends around 1/3 of his life on his bed. Now estimate the amount of dead skin cells, follicles, sweat, etc., we shed on the bed. This is definitely uncountable. What if this accumulated dirt and bacilli aren’t removed regularly? For temporary purposes, you can think of cleaning bed sheets and pillowcases. But what about the mattress underneath? To overcome this, your mattress requires comprehensive mattress cleaning services at regular intervals. 


Now the question arises: what is deep mattress cleaning? Deep cleaning involves the employment of cutting-edge tools and techniques. It not only cleans the surface but also disinfects it to offer healthier surroundings.


What distinguishes deep mattress cleaning from standard practices

mattress cleaning

If you still feel that all it takes to clean a mattress deep is washing bed sheets and drying pillowcases, you are definitely lagging back. A professional deep mattress cleaning is far more than this. Here’s how deep cleaning mattress service is different from conventional practices.


Goes beyond simple washing


Unlike simple sheet washing, deep mattress cleaning services take care of all-round aspects, including stains, smells, and pests. For the first step, experts separate the entire upholstery and furniture. The bed frame and spring box are then thoroughly cleaned. Everything is washed, vacuumed, or pat dry, from tip to toe of the bedding accessories. Here, specially designed vacuum cleaners sanitize and clean upholstery. Each region of the mattress is thoroughly vacuumed in slow circles to pick up as much as possible. 


Take care of clingy odor 


Mattresses often carry a body odor of the owners that you may not identify at first. But a third person or guest can spot that when they walk in for the first time. Just imagine your impression when your guest experiences a stinky odor around the room. However, when you hire a professional mattress cleaning service, you don’t have to ponder the question. With the right and skin-friendly chemicals, they take care of deodorizing your mattresses. While some cleaning companies utilize baking soda for that, others have their own formula. Once the mattress is deep cleaned, it is again vacuumed to get rid of every residue present. 


Stain removal treatment to make your mattress sparkle


Since we share most of our activities with our bed, which sometimes even includes eating and drinking. Additionally, if you’re a pet parent or a new baby parent, urine spots can be an add-on experience. This even causes hard and soft stains on the mattress, which are not easy to get rid of. The deep cleaning process and enzymatic cleaners are your savior. For the tough stains of wine, tea, or any other spills, deep cleaning helps you with exfoliating solutions. Such techniques either wash or effectively fade away the stains, that too, in a few hours.  


Not only does the mattress deep clean ensure cleaning of the protector as well


As mentioned above, deep cleaning targets every related aspect of bedding and beds. Thus, it also covers dedicated cleaning of mattress protectors and pillowcases. Since most of us employ waterproof mattress protectors to add another layer of protection, it is important to clean them as well regularly. Being waterproof and hypoallergenic, you may require dedicated technologies and equipment for the purpose. And deep mattress cleaning assists you with the same. 


How frequently do you need deep mattress cleaning for good health and environment?


On average, you should consider deep cleaning mattress services once every six months to improve the health and hygiene of your home. Besides, you can regularly follow standard bed cleaning measures. Such as washing bed sheets and pillowcases twice a month and taking care of mattress protectors at least once a month. Additionally, if you have a pet or baby, you can employ some poly-protectant sheet to unlock a long life for your mattress. 


Experts are here if you need help!


Now that you know the importance and benefits of mattress cleaning, you might not want to wait a second longer to book your first deep mattress cleaning. CleaningCompany.AE is a leading deep cleaning company in Dubai that can help you with all your needs, including deep mattress cleaning services. With more than a decade of experience, we have proven ourselves to be a reliable helping hand to millions of families in Dubai. 


A Way Forward


In conclusion, maintaining a clean and hygienic mattress is a crucial aspect of overall home cleanliness and personal well-being. The distinction between deep mattress cleaning and conventional practices lies in the thoroughness of the process. A professional mattress cleaning involves recognizing the accumulation of dead skin cells, sweat, and other debris that occurs over time. It is advised to invest in deep cleaning twice every year to welcome healthier and more promising conditions for your home and family.


Don’t hesitate to prioritize the cleanliness of your mattress, as it directly contributes to a healthier and more comfortable living environment. Book your first deep mattress cleaning with confidence and experience the transformative benefits it brings to your home. Your health and well-being deserve the best care, starting with a clean and rejuvenated mattress. Your mattress, too, deserves a long life!

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