The Importance of Duct Cleaning

The Importance of Duct Cleaning Every home has average dust of 40 pounds every year and a duct in your home removes an average of 6 pounds of dirt and dust from your home. Where are all the dust, dirt, and debris then gone? Of course, it stays in the duct until you clean it. This is very important to clean the duct to make your home’s air fresh and healthy. When you don’t clean your duct, the dirt, dust, debris, pet hair, pollen, and other tiny particles gathered inside the duct and end up reducing the airflow in your home.

Many people get allergies and infections due to unhealthy airflow. If you are sensitive and get infected with dirt and dust, then you should clean your duct now and then to avoid infections and allergies. In addition, if your home is newly renovated, then you should also clean your duct because renovation work adds a lot of dirt and dust to the duct system. You should also clean your duct if you have pets at your home.

Ducts usually are above the ceilings and behind the walls, they are not easily get cleaned with some brooms or using small vacuums. The most effective method is to clean them using a high-powered air compressor and large vacuums. Therefore, the best way of duct cleaning is to hire professional cleaning services to avoid any harm.

Cleaning the duct might not be a fun task, but it is important to clean them before they get worse. Here are some benefits of why you should clean your ducts.

  1. Cleaner Environment

The dirty duct in your home has gathered millions of tiny particles, dust, and dirt which in turn end up on your furniture and travel through the air. Are you okay with an untidy and uncleaned home where there is dirt and dust everywhere like on your chairs, sofas, floors, carpets, etc.? Every person wants a tidy home and doesn’t like dirt on surfaces.

The dirt and dust particles are so small in nature that can’t be seen in the air or on different surfaces like couches, or bed sheets. They flow in the air and when you take a cup of tea or coffee, they fall in your tea or coffee. Simply they are everywhere in your home, on every surface, and traveling everywhere in the air, from one room to another room, and can be settled on anything. The thing is you never want to take mud or dirt in your home, then how can you tolerate this unhealthy air? Therefore, for a clean and tidy home, this is necessary to clean the ducts occasionally or on a regular basis.

  1. Better Indoor Air Quality

As discussed above, the ducts contain millions of dust particles, harmful pollutants, pet dander, mold spores, mildew, etc. These harmful micro-organisms can damage the health of people. Those people who suffer from respiratory problems are very allergic to dirt. These dust particles can cause allergies, fatigue, eye irritation, nausea, headaches, rashes, asthma, etc. Dirty and unhealthy air can cause coughing fits to people. You might not be allergic to dust but someone who visits you might be allergic and just think when he/she is coughing again and again at your home; this defiantly gives a bad image to that person. Therefore, for cleaner indoor air and for inhaling pure oxygen, you should clean your ducts.

  1. Remove Odors

Uncleaned ducts contain mildew and mold spores, which in turn travel into the air and create a bad smell in your home. Sometimes, you feel a lingering odor in your home which doesn’t go even if you open all the windows and doors of your home and spray home fresheners, but it is still there for weeks. If it happened in your home, go and check your ducts. The mold and mildew must be gathered there and you would be surprised to see how the bad smell is there. If so, clean all the ducts as early as possible to remove the bad smell. This will create fresh and pure air in your home.



  1. Increase Air Flow

The mold and mildew not just create a bad smell and cause allergies, it also hinders airflow. It prevents the air to reach every room in your home through air ducts. This will ruin the basic purpose of air ducts to increase ventilation and airflow. If your air ducts are not doing proper ventilation or you have an old house, then it’s time to check your ducts and clean them. By doing so, you will enjoy better and fresh air in your home.

  1. Boosts Energy Efficiency

If you have a duct system in your home, then you probably have an HVAC system as well. Both create the best combo as one produces the air in your home and the second helps to spread this cool air in your home. If you have cleaned ducts, then there is an increase in airflow, and your ACs work more efficiently without wasting much electric power. It will not just save electricity but also save you a lot of money. But if you have uncleaned ducts, ACs will work harder to cool your rooms and produce less air. It will ultimately consume more electricity and end up having higher utility bills. Therefore, clean your ducts to get proper airflow and to help the HVAC system to work for a long period. By cleaning them, ducts and HVAC systems will work more effectively and save your investment for a longer time period.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that uncleaned ducts cause many problems. Unfortunately, cleaning the duct is not an easy task. For this, you have to buy some specialized accessories, tools, and equipment for regular cleaning. If you can’t clean them regularly, you can hire a professional service. Experts say you should clean your ducts every 2 to 3 years. But if you have children and pets in your home, then you should clean them more frequently to prevent any health issues.

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