The suede armchairs are so amazing, so soft, and so textured. Who does not remember those suede items, such as clothing or suede sofas?

In the 90s, they were in fashion. Many brands made a jacket with this material. It also has its disadvantages. The main one is that it is difficult to clean in garments, but even more difficult if we talk about cleaning suede armchairs. That is why we will give you the best cleaning tips.


Protect a piece of furniture made from suede.

One of the best recommendations is to buy a protective suede spray. Our recommendations are:

  • Read the instructions before applying to maintain the best effect on the suede treatment.
  • Keep the suede furniture in well-ventilated areas because the application of liquids and aerosols for the maintenance of the suede can be harmful and do not have sufficient ventilation.
  • Always use masks and all kinds of protection to paint the maintenance suede that will be given.
  • Use a spray for suede maintenance in section by section. So, you obtain the possibility of applying an additional layer as it dries.
  • Leave it dry for at least 12 hours and in well-ventilated spaces.


Recommended cleaning time for suede.

You can choose weekly or monthly cleaning. It also depends on the dirt and exposure to liquids that the furniture has.


Weekly cleaning

The living room furniture usually has cushions that are covered with suede. These must be removed for their corresponding cleaning, optionally weekly, depending on the frequency against dirt.

Dirt like crumbs and papers, dust, or pet hair can accumulate. The use of a vacuum cleaner is recommended to collect all kinds of dirt that cannot be removed by hand and may not be visible to the human eye.

  • To clean the suede-covered cushions, use a brush or towel cloth.
  • To avoid wear on the cushion suede, rotate the less worn sides, thus avoiding one-sided wear and avoiding additional expenses when replacing the cushion cover.
  • Clean the suede-covered cushions at least once a week because dirt can cause them to become colored and lose luster, and in the worst case, they are damaged.


Monthly cleaning

Monthly cleaning is recommended for suede furniture that is not exposed to frequent dirt, frequent use of people, and pets. You can choose the steps mentioned in the weekly cleaning according to maintaining the quality and shine of the suede.

The use of instruments such as a vacuum cleaner and cleaning liquid sprays are highly recommended to maintain the quality and shine of the suede.

Stains can occur due to lack of cleaning, exposure to humidity and liquids, frequent use of suede furniture by people and pets. In the case of detecting a stain, use a special suede brush or cloth. This tool can scrub and remove particles or dust spots in the cleaning area.

The use of natural products such as vinegar or alcohol in recommended doses will help remove the stains. However, the suede spray is the most efficient cleaning tool in combination with brushes and suede cloth.


Recommended steps to clean a suede chair

The following steps will show you how to make the chair clean and shine.


First step

Take a microfiber type vacuum cleaner for suede. It is an excellent tool to remove all kinds of accumulated and loose dirt on the suede.


Second step

The use of warm water combined with soap is highly effective in removing dirt and stains that have been impregnated on the suede.


Third step

The combination of any specific liquid to clean suede can be used using a cloth to erase and remove any stain due to the accumulation of dirt or spillage of any liquid.


Fourth step

To remove moisture or any liquid content from the chamois, you can use a clean towel. Then, please leave it to dry in a well-ventilated area or outdoors.


Fifth step

We recommend using a soft bristle brush to maintain and restore the softness of suede furniture.


Cleaning products that are used to clean a suede chair

The following products will allow you to remove and erase stains on suede furniture that has been impregnated by different conditions.


Liquid protector spray for suede

This liquid has the appropriate composition to maintain and care for the quality of the suede. Its effectiveness can be enhanced using a soft bristle brush for suede.


Leather cleaner

It is another liquid that is highly effective in cleaning suede or peach skin. It is due to the composition that can remove oil or grease stains or all kinds of dirt that have accumulated on filthy suede furniture.


Baking soda or talcum powder

It is highly effective on liquids that have been spilled at the moment because they can absorb all kinds of liquids or stains that are produced by grease.