How to Clean a Leather Couch Naturally

Sofa deep cleaning

A leather couch adds next-level elegance and charm to your living space. But the task arises when you have to do sofa deep cleaning of the article. Here’s how you can do leather couch cleaning naturally without impacting the pristine shine of the fabric.


Leather is an incredible fabric known for its sophistication and durability. The versatility of the fabric makes it ideal for different purposes. It is utilized in car seat covers, fashionwear, and, most importantly, for making couches. Leather couches are known as modern-day sofas; they grace every household like none other. Further, Gen Z prefers leather couches over other options, as they add elegance to every living space. Not only that, it turns an eye sparkler in every event. 


But to maintain the pristine shine of the leather couch and expand its lifespan, it is essential to maintain the hygiene and cleaning of the leather sofas. CleaningCompany.AE provides high-quality and eco-friendly sofa deep cleaning in Dubai. In this article, our professional cleaners speak about cleaning leather couches naturally. Scroll this blog to the end to find DIY eco-friendly couch cleaning methods. 


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Why Is It Essential to Follow Sofa Deep Cleaning practices?

An average man spends almost two hours every day on the couch, which often makes the sofa or couch dirty. Further, if you are a pet parent, you might need a higher sofa deep cleaning frequency than usual. Here are a few reasons that make sofa deep cleaning practices essential:


Stains and Spots

 After bed, sofa, and couch are the most used things in the home. Many people love enjoying their favorite hobby on the spot. For instance, you might be passionate about painting on your couch and thus dropping colors and paints on the surface pretty often. Or, if you love to sip your favorite drink on the sofa, that might again lead to spills on the leather couch often. 


Pets and Kids Waste

Again, if you have kids or pets at your home, a couch is nothing less than a harbor of germs. It carries urine stains and bacteria. Further, kids are supposed to be more affected by these germs and waste. Thus, such families need sofa cleaning more than other households.



Last but not least, the major reason to opt for sofa deep cleaning is to unlock health and hygiene for your family. The leather couch cleaning will eliminate the scope of germs and bacteria from your couch surface. Now, let’s learn about the quick tips that can help you with sofa deep cleaning in Dubai.


Leather Couch Cleaning: DIY Sofa Deep Cleaning

Leather couch cleaning


Here are some effective and eco-friendly sofa deep cleaning approaches to get your leather couch cleaned at your home. 


Lemon juice to get rid of dark stains

If you spot dark stains on your leather couch, nothing can be more effective than lemon juice. Mix equal parts of diluted lemon juice and tartar cream. Apply this mix to the dark stain and leave it for about 10 minutes. After that, remove it with a damp sponge or cloth, and you’ll find a bright and clean leather couch.


Never put your leather couch under the leather couch to dry

If you ever spill water or a neutral liquid on the leather couch, all you need is a hair blow dryer. Dry the surface by gently blow-drying the leather fabric. Remember never to put your couch under the sun to dry. Since leather is sensitive to direct sunshine, it can affect the long-lasting shine of the leather fabric.


Use baking soda to get rid of the oil and grease

If you ever change spilled oil or grease on the couch surface, you should call a professional sofa deep cleaning company. Being an expert in their field, they know the A to Z of leather couch cleaning. Meanwhile, you can also absorb the excess oil or grease with baking soda. Sprinkle some baking soda on the affected leather area and leave it for a few hours. After that, wipe off the excess powder with a soft cloth.


Alcohol to disinfect the surface

When it comes to sofa deep cleaning services, disinfection is a crucial thing. For this purpose, you can use a diluted alcohol solution. Simply dampen a clean cloth and then wipe on the affected area. This will also prevent the growth of toxic mold and mildew on the leather surface. 


Use a general leather conditioner

If you want to clean your leather couch quite often, you can use a general leather conditioner on a regular basis. The trick is quite easy to use, and the results are effective and visible. Simply sprinkle the leather conditioner on the leather surface and then use a clean cloth to wipe off the surface. In this way, you can restore the pristine shine of the leather couch. 


Book sofa deep cleaning services regularly

Last but not least, once every six months, book sofa deep cleaning services to get your expensive leather couch cleaned. Leather couch is an expensive article, and you invest a hefty amount from your pocket. Thus, it is essential to spend an affordable amount on its maintenance as well. A sofa deep cleaning company offers you the best-in-class treatment to get your sofa deep cleaned. Trust a reliable name such as CleaningCompany.AE.


 With access to cutting-edge tools and cleaning techniques, we offer you the best leather couch cleaning services Dubai can ever offer.


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In conclusion, maintaining the pristine shine and durability of your leather couch is essential for preserving its elegance and charm in your living space. By adopting natural cleaning methods, you can effectively remove stains and keep your couch looking its best without compromising its quality. All you need to do is follow the above tips and partner with reputable sofa deep cleaning services like CleaningCompany.AE, you can ensure that your leather couch remains a standout feature in your home, exuding sophistication and comfort for years to come. Take proactive steps today to keep your leather couch looking and feeling its best, enhancing the overall ambiance of your living space.