Sofa Deep Cleaning By Professional Cleaning Companies – The Ultimate Guide

We can bet that the place which holds the sofa of your home is the most popular among your friends and family. And why it shouldn’t be? All your Netflix and chill, gossip, get-togethers, everything fun, happens on your sofas. But wait! What about sofa deep cleaning? Yes! Your sofa is susceptible to getting dirty. Hence, you must consider sofa cleaning an essential task at least once every three to four months. 

Are you looking forward to cleaning your sofa? An ideal level of hygiene cannot be achieved by simply dusting or vacuum cleaning. You should ensure that you hire professional cleaning services for sofa deep cleaning. Do you what is the procedure that a sofa cleaning company will follow? We will tell you about it in detail in the following article. 

How A Professional Sofa Cleaning Company Will Clean Different Sofa Types?

It is essential to understand that different sofa types require different cleaning. We will be talking about velvet, cloth, and leather sofa cleaning in this section. Let us explore how we clean in detail. 

Velvet Sofa

  • The first step is to remove debris and dirt from the sofa using a vacuum cleaner. 
  • Now we test a small area using a gentle cleaner or a sofa shampoo to ensure the fabric is not damaged. 
  • We believe in sofa shampooing, one of the best cleaning methods. 
  • Using a soft brush or a microfiber, the next task is to clean the sofa’s surface gently. Keeping in check the nap direction of the velvet sofa is an essential task. 
  • Cleaning any spills or stains with a dry cloth is the next task that comes in line. 
  • If the stains are much deeper, using a mild detergent or a special velvet cleaner is a suitable choice. 
  • Keeping the sofa dry, away from direct sunlight, is the final cleaning step. 

Therefore, this is how we ensure that we provide an effective velvet sofa cleaning for you. 

Cloth Sofa

  • Using a top-quality effective vacuum cleaner, we keep it in check to remove loose dirt, dust, and debris. 
  • We look forward to checking the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions and if there is anything specific recommendations for cleaning by the company. 
  • Using a mild sofa cleaner detergent or a shampoo mixed with water, we clean the sofa using a clean cloth and sponge. Blotting the stain gently without rubbing it is ideal for cleaning a cloth sofa. 
  • The next step is to check all the hidden and hard-to-reach areas of the sofa to ensure that there is no decoloration on the sofa because of the same.
  • Allowing the sofa to air dry is the final step of deep cleaning. 

Hence, by following these steps, we deliver the top quality cleaning of the cloth sofa. 

Leather Sofa

  • We use a dry cloth or a vacuum with a soft brush attachment for a leather sofa. It ensures taking out the hidden dirt and debris from the sofa corners. 
  • There are many chances of stains and spills on the leather sofa. Therefore, we remove stains and spills from the surface using a slightly damp cloth. 
  • Using a leather conditioner and cleaner that is particularly designed for the type of leather of the sofa, we ensure that your sofa stays in top condition. 
  • We never apply harsh chemicals, ammonia-based products, or abrasive chemicals to your leather sofa. Keeping this point in consideration is prominent as it keeps the life of the sofa for a long. 
  • As a professional sofa cleaning company, we deliver sofa deep cleaning and remove any stubborn stains from the sofa, including deep dirt buildup, if any. 
  • A leather sofa can crack and become dry in direct sunlight. Therefore, keeping it away from direct sunlight is prominent. 
  • The application of leather conditioner to keep the leather supple and soft is essential. 

Therefore, we follow these general operating procedures when cleaning velvet, cloth, and leather sofas. However, we adapt our process according to different clients and their expectations. 

Sofa Shampooing – The Technique That We Use At

Sofa shampooing is one of the most effective cleaning techniques, and we use the same. Our ultimate task is to deliver top-quality cleaning to the client. Hence, by following these steps, we deliver a perfectly cleaned sofa to the client:

Vacuum Cleaning: The first step is to ensure that we vacuum-clean the sofa. It keeps in check to remove dirt and debris from the sofa. 

Steam: Steam cleaning can dissolve tough stains from the sofa and assist in the further cleaning process. 

Spot Treatment: If the stains are even tougher, spot treatment is one method that we include in our process, eliminating all tough stains and spots. 

Shampooing: Now comes our key factor, and that is sofa shampooing. Shampooing ensures effective sofa cleaning and delivers prime results. 

Air Dry: Air drying is an ideal technique and the final step in cleaning. 

Vacuuming Again: The final vacuuming is the next step that we follow. 

Fragrance Check: There are chances that the sofa you own may have foul or pet smells. To tackle the same, we perform a fragrance check and apply some of our fragrances to complete the cleaning process. Thus, we complete the cleaning process in this manner. – The Ultimate Platform

Sofas are the favorite place of everyone at your house. All the guests, friends, and family love to spend their time there. However, just ordinary vacuum cleaning and dusting are not enough. You need a professional cleaning effort to ensure a perfect sofa cleaning. So, hiring a professional is the best alternative.

Cleaning each type of sofa requires a different method of cleaning. One cannot apply the same method to all types. As a professional sofa cleaning company, delivering sofa deep cleaning is our responsibility. Keeping this in consideration, we deliver our best to each client. The best thing about our platform is that we adapt our cleaning services to the requirement of each client. When it comes to the best sofa cleaning at a genuine rate, we are the best platform for you in Dubai.

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