How to dust your sofa

There are several kinds of sofas according to its color and material. But all of it is subject to the dirt because of the dust and the daily use of food, wine etc, Neglecting the cleaning of your leads to the accumulation of dust callus, and the accumulation of spots with time. So always we should look to clean the sofa regularly with proper cloth and material to not damage the material or remove the color. Then we can keep the sofa clean and maintain the appearance.

Sofa dusting method

Vacuum cleaner

The normal way to dust the sofa is to vacuum the sofa by using the normal vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner would suck the dust from the sofa surface and the spaces on the sofa by setting the special nozzle for sofa dusting.

Shake the cane   

It’s possible to shake the cane by using the feather duster, which you can buy it from any supermarket. Or maybe you can use a big piece of dry cloth and hit the sofa in case if the feather duster not available.

Important tips once dusting the sofa:

  • Once you are dusting the sofa by a piece of cloth make sure that it’s dry. As using it wet will keep a spot on the surface. While removing the dust in case you did that, it will not be removed until you use steam cleaning service from some professional sofa cleaning company.
  • In case the dust was stuck on the surface for a long time, so here you should put a piece of cloth with alcohol and scrub the surface very well. Then after it’s cleaned, you scrub it again with a dry cloth.
  • Don’t keep clean the sofa weekly, as this could shrink the material and make it look old and ugly even though the sofa is new.

Important tips for cleaning the sofa

  • It is prohibited to use a bleaching or combustible chemicals during the cleaning of the cane, such as concentrated chlorine, or firewater, which destroys the outer fabric of the sofa.
  • Clean the sofa every 3 to 4 month to maintain its brightness and prevent the accumulation of dirt stains which are difficult to remove.
  • Don’t keep the sofa under the sunlight for a long time to maintain its color and status
  • Read the label of the sofa to know more about its material and the best way to clean it