How to maintain your sofa after professional sofa deep cleaning

Have you recently got a sofa deep cleaning service? Well, that’s great. Usually, you should get your sofa deep cleaned at least 3-4 times each year to maintain your health and hygiene.


We all know the importance of sofa deep cleaning in our homes. It eliminates every possible chance of bacteria and germs. Further, the clean upholstery creates a positive and sophisticated impression on your guests and visitors as well. But, the question is how to maintain the sofa once you have gotten it deep cleaned. Imagine you have spent so much money and effort on getting your expensive sofa deep cleaned and getting it destroyed or spoiled again within a few days. Sounds heartbreaking, isn’t it? But you can avoid this by maintaining your sofa set. By following some quick yet effective steps, you can maintain the pristine condition of your expensive sofa. 


Maintaining Your Sofa After Deep Cleaning

Maintaining Your Sofa After Deep Cleaning

Are you looking for a sofa deep cleaning Dubai can ever offer? Your search ends with CleaningCompany.AE. We offer top-notch cleaning services in the region. And do you know what’s the best part of partnering with us? We offer the same-day cleaning service in Dubai. Here is what our experts suggest about maintaining your sofa after booking a deep cleaning appointment with us.


Follow Weekly Vacuum Cleaning

After booking a professional sofa cleaner in Dubai, you should take care of it so that it doesn’t accumulate dust and dirt. As time passes, this dirt accumulates and results in polluted, dirty conditions. For this purpose, you can use a high-quality vacuum cleaner. Opt for vacuum cleaning once every week. But before cleaning the vacuum, ensure the right nozzle is used. Further, remove the cushions and other decorative materials stuck in the sofa before you start the process. 


Never Wet Or Soak Your Sofa In Water

One thing that people often do is wet their sofa. Though we agree that water is one of the best ways to clean your belongings, it doesn’t work on the sofa and couches. In contrast, water often shrinks the fabric and leaves watery marks on it. Not only that but if, by chance, you are not able to dry the sofa fabric completely, it might turn into a breeding ground for mildew and mold. 


Avoid Drinking And Eating On The Sofas

Most of us quite often have our lunch and meals on the sofa. That’s probably the biggest mistake we make on an everyday basis. As a leading sofa cleaning company in Dubai, we suggest you avoid eating and drinking on your sofa, as you might leave tiny food crumbs on the sofa, paving the way for the microorganism’s growth. Later on, these microbes can be transferred from one place to another, entering into your body, causing diseases and illnesses. 


Keep The Sofa Away From Direct Sunlight

Another thing that you should follow to maintain the pristine shine of your sofa is preserving it from direct sunlight. You might be thinking that sunlight is good for killing microbes, so why do you need to avoid that? Undoubtedly, sunlight kills microbes, but it can deteriorate the quality of your sofa. For example, if you have a cotton sofa, exposure to sunlight might fade away the color and patterns of the sofa. In the same way, if you have a leather couch, sunlight exposure might affect the texture and appeal of the sofa. Thus, rather than opting for sunlight to get rid of the microbes, opt to book professional sofa deep cleaning Dubai, as only professionals know the right way to do the right things. 


Protect From Heavy Detergents

If you are planning to get your sofa deep cleaned by using detergents and surfactants, you need to stop. Sofas are something we call expensive investments. Further, the sofa comes with handling guidelines, and you must follow them. Detergents are harsh substances that impact the quality of sofa fabric. Further, the detergents and surfactants weaken the threads of sofa fabric, making them vulnerable to damage. In fact, for sofa deep cleaning, either follow the guidelines stated in the user’s manual or simply book the best sofa cleaner dubai can ever offer.


Protect Your Sofas From Pet

If you are a pet parent, this instruction is specifically for you. Restrain your pet from peeing or licking the couch. Did you know that pet urine consists of more than lakhs of bacteria and microbes? Thus, to ensure total cleanliness, restrain your pets from peeing around the sofa and carpets. Further, pets leave dander on the surface that is home to a variety of microbes and bacteria. And, if you’re not able to control your pets, you can always book a sofa cleaning company to get your couch deep cleaned. Further, if you have pets or kids at home, you should book sofa deep cleaning quite more often than others.


Keep The Sofa Covered

When you are traveling outside or going on long vacations, it is suggested to keep the sofa properly covered. Even when you are eating or carrying out some chores on the sofa, cover it first with the sofa covers and bedsheets. It will help you to avoid the accumulation of dirt and dust directly on the sofa surface. Further, when it comes to cleaning, all you need is to pull off the cover and wash it. It’s that easy.


Wrapping Up

In a humid city like Dubai, where humidity and microbes thrive in the environment, it is essential to ensure the cleanliness and quality of your home. Regular sofa deep cleaning and afterward maintenance can help you maintain the pristine shine of the sofa till the end, maximizing your investment. Further, it also keeps you and your family members healthy and happy.

But we also understand the effort it takes to balance the cleaning tasks along with your busy schedule. And, hence, worry less when CleaningCompany.AE is here at your rescue. We are the best-in-class cleaning company in Dubai, and we offer bathroom cleaning, sofa deep cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and move-in/move-out cleaning. To book an appointment, connect today.

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