Cleaning for sofa: How to Clean Your Sofa Like a Pro ASAP

“I used these ways to cleaning sofa at home, and it worked like magic; now my sofa is as clean as new!”

There are many reasons why it is important to cleaning sofa regularly, including getting rid of dirt and bacteria, maintaining the appearance of the sofa, making the sofa more comfortable, and extending the life of the sofa.

Cleaning for sofa is not as difficult as it may seem, and many different methods can be used. But, dear readers, did you know that cleaning sofa depends mainly on the type of fabric? Many successful methods have a strong effect, but unfortunately, they are not suitable for all types of sofa fabrics.It is necessary to use the appropriate method for the type of sofa fabric. If you are not sure about the type of sofa fabric, you can refer to the cleaning guide that came with the sofa.

Do I need to wash my sofa?

Cleaning sofa should be done professionally twice a year, as recommended by Crate & Barrel. That’s shocking isn’t it?

But no need to worry; you can always clean your sofa at home in around 10–30 minutes every week!

a cleaner making sofa shampooing using the professional machine

How can I clean my couch at home?

In this article, we will give you all possible ways to cleaning sofa, in order to restore it to its original condition, or even better!

Be sure to follow the steps carefully. Go get your scrub robe or your apron, and let’s end these stubborn stains for good!

  1. Cleaning for sofa: identify the sofa fabric type and the cleaning code.

Before you dive into the methods of how to clean sofa at home, be aware of the possible ways to clean it.

Should I just use water-based products for cleaning sofa? Or dry cleaning? Are both possible? Or are both not suitable and is it better to resort to a vacuum cleaner or professional cleaning services?

Go and lift the seat cushions of the sofa, and look for a label that explains cleaning recommendations. Have you noticed a code in the form of a letter? Read the following:

  • If you find the code W, this means that the best way to clean is through water-based materials. It is the easiest way among all other methods. In short, you can clean the stains with water-based shampoo or foaming upholstery cleaner with the help of a brush or cloth. But don’t wet the stain too much.
  • If you find the code S, this means that the best way to clean is with dry, water-free materials. Beware of approaching fires or cleaning in a closed room, as the materials used may be toxic.
  • If you find the code WS, this means that you can use a combination of both methods 1 and 2. But the important thing here is that we test the cleaning solution on an area of the sofa before proceeding to clean it completely.
  • Finally, if you find the code X, avoid all previous methods and rely only on the vacuum cleaner or professional cleaning services!

a tidy and clean home

Cleaning for Sofa: Million Dollar Tip

Before you start cleaning sofa with a specific cleaning solution, be sure to test the solution on an area of the sofa; (preferably in an inconspicuous area). This helps you ensure that the cleaner works effectively and does not leave stains or dull the color.

  1. Important Cleaning sofa tip: Vacuum the sofa the correct way.

Yes, dear readers, sofas collect dust and dirt that we may not see with our naked eyes. Or that we overlook because they are all concentrated under the seats of the sofa and in places that we do not reach easily.

You may ask, What is the best way to clean a fabric couch?

The answer is that cleaning it from any dust, soil, or hair is very important, as it gives us better results when cleaning difficult spots.

  • Remove all removable cushions.
  • Take into account the suction strength commensurate with the type of fabric. Reduce the force if the fabric is delicate.
  • Use a lint roller to get rid of hair, lint, and fur.
  • Use a stiff brush if a vacuum cleaner is not available, and clean in the same direction as the cloth.

brush for cleaning

  1. Spot-cleaning any stubborn stains.

Failing this process or failing to prepare for it will cost us a lot. So that this stain does not remain on your sofa forever. Consider these important tricks on How to clean fabric sofa at home:

  • First, wipe the stain completely and do not leave any residue, so that it does not spread due to the cleaning solution used later. You can use a cloth or paper towels, scrape the stain with a plastic card or use a wet-dry vacuum to soak up the residue.
  • Then, gently apply the cleaning solution to the stain from the corners to the center, and avoid rubbing the solution so as not to spoil the fabric.
  • Wipe the area with cold distilled water, not mineral water; make sure the detergent is completely removed; and proceed to the drying stage.
  • Lastly, allow the stain to dry completely, open windows, and turn on fans to speed up the drying process.

a wall paint for cleaned home

Cleaning Sofa Dubai: You followed the steps, but the stain didn’t go away?

Are you looking for a professional cleaning service in and around Dubai?

Let us take care of your sofa professionally and book a cleaning service in less than 60 seconds now!

Cleaning for sofa can be a relaxing and enjoyable task!

Thank you for reading. Share with us all your cleaning problems in the comments section below, and we will answer them or maybe write an entire article with all the necessary details!

And check out our other cleaning articles, such as, maid services to learn more about what our made services include.Also, don’t hesitate to read about our carpet cleaning methods.

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