How to Clean Curtains Without Taking Them Down

Curtain cleaning is definitely one of the toughest cleaning tasks in a household, like taking the curtains down, cleaning them thoroughly, and then putting them. Isn’t this something that demands a lot of effort and energy?


Dubai’s environment is full of dirt and pollutants. And the credits go to the geographical location of Dubai. Surrounded by desert, Dubai’s atmosphere is filled with dust and grime. And that’s why home deep cleaning is not merely a lifestyle but a necessity in the town. Whether it’s mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning, or curtain cleaning, every aspect is important. Let’s emphasize curtain cleaning in this blog.


Curtains are an essential part of every household. People invest a hefty amount in the curtains to make them coordinate with the interiors of their rooms. Thus, it is important to regularly clean the curtains to extend their lifespan and save on your investment. Every day the curtains in our home face a lot of pollution and dirt. Thus, the best curtain cleaning company in Dubai suggests deep washing your curtains once every three months. Washing your curtains every 3-6 months restore the pristine shine and brightness of the fabric, extending its lifespan.


But cleaning the curtains of the house is itself a tough task for everyone. Multiple reasons are contributing to the same. The first thing is obviously the heavy fabric and weight of the curtains. With high fabric volume, it is difficult for a single person to clean them. Additionally, it’s not just about the cleaning but also about taking the curtains down and putting them back, which adds to the overall task. But do you know there are two ways to tackle the situation:

  • Seek assistance from Professional Curtain Cleaning Dubai.
  • Or, learn DIY approaches to cleaning curtains without taking them down.


CleaningCompany.AE is a professional deep cleaning company in Dubai. We offer a comprehensive range of home deep cleaning services in Dubai. Cherry on the top is the experience and expertise of our professional cleaners, who bring the best services to the table. You can contact us to access different deep cleaning services in Dubai. Our package extends to bathroom disinfection, kitchen cleaning, upholstery and mattress deep cleaning, and so on. In this blog, our experts have brought out a few DIY approaches for curtain cleaning at home. Moreover, you don’t have to struggle much, as, with these ways, you can clean the curtains without taking them down.


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DIY Curtain Cleaning At Home

Curtain Cleaning At Home

When you get your curtains professionally cleaned, they not only wash but also disinfect and deodorize the curtains. The process removes dirt, grime, and microbes from the curtains. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests regular cleaning of curtains and blinds to reduce dust mite allergens and other pollutants that can accumulate indoors. For regular curtain cleaning, you can follow the following steps:


Shake the curtain to eliminate the settled pile of dirt

If you feel that there are piles of dirt and grime accumulated on the curtain surface, shake them. Without removing the curtains from the hanging, give them a good shakedown. This is how you can easily get rid of dirt and dust from the curtain. And, if your curtains are much higher, like 8-10 feet, you can get a ladder. Climb on the ladder and shake the curtains. It is the first step toward curtain cleaning and removing the accumulated dirt.


Use a lint roller or brush

Certain curtains are made up of a fabric that attracts tiny particles. This may include tiny fabric, pet dander, etc. To get rid of these, you can use a lint roller or brush. A lint roller is a specialized tool that carries a one-sided adhesive paper on a cardboard or plastic barrel. All you have to do is roll this roller on your curtains, and it will attract the residue. That’s how you can eliminate the hard-to-clean lint. Or, in case you don’t have a lint roller, you can use a brush. Also, you can DIY make a lint roller using the backside of the adhesive tape. The trick might appear weird to you at first, but the results will leave you astonished for sure.


Vacuum cleaner for general cleaning

To generally or regularly clean your curtain, you can use a vacuum cleaner. In fact, a vacuum cleaner is something that is easily available in every home. Simply plug in your vacuum from top to bottom and hoover up the dirt. To reach the top and inaccessible areas, you can use a ladder. But remember, a vacuum cleaner will just simply clean the dirt and not disinfect the surface.


Steam cleaner- the deep cleaning master

If you have a steam cleaner at home, don’t look for anything else. Steam cleaners can be used for different cleaning tasks in a household. And it also disinfects the surface, fading the stains and grease. Simply plug in the right nozzle, use an upholstery attachment, and vertically stroke down the steam cleaner. Just be extra careful of the curtains made up of natural material like linen or cotton.


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Additional Points to Consider While Curtain Cleaning at Home

Apart from the regular curtain cleaning, here are other things that you should keep in mind.

Be careful with the delicate fabric and blinds.

  • Keep your windows clean and tidy to avoid the accumulation of dirt and dust on the curtains.
  • After regular curtain cleaning, it is advised to use a fabric freshener or conditioner to deodorize the curtains.
  • Like another corner of the house, always let your curtains breathe clean air and direct sunlight.


A Way Forward

In conclusion, keeping your curtains clean is essential. It maintains a healthy and vibrant home environment, especially in a city like Dubai, where dust and pollutants are prevalent. While professional curtain cleaning services offer thorough disinfection and rejuvenation, there are also DIY methods to clean curtains without taking them down.

For comprehensive deep cleaning services in Dubai, including curtain cleaning, consider contacting professionals like CleaningCompany.AE. They ensure that your curtains receive the care they deserve.

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