Full-Time Maid Vs Part-Time Maid

A part-time maid is one that works with a single client for around 30 hours a week. They work with numerous consumers and gain a full-time wage. They usually bill a little extra every hour for the expense of transport.
A full-time maid operates mainly with one customer. They typically work about 40 hours a week. They will either live in or out of your house, depending on the agreement.

Advantages of recruiting a part-time maid


A part-time servant works fewer hours than a full-time servant. Therefore if you recruit one, they won’t have a lot of burden from jobs, so they are more efficient.
They seem to be more concentrated, and they earn compensation depending on the number of hours. They can effectively complete the work within the defined period.
If you like the job completed fast, it’s easier to find a part-time cleaner.

Performance in Expense

You won’t have to think about owing them a lot if you employ a part-time cleaner. The idea that they don’t travel with you and that, aside from the hours they served with, you don’t incur any bills makes them much cheaper.
You don’t have to offer a monthly wage. You pay for their skills only if you need them.


Over the years, numerous horror tales have been told about full-time maids, including robbery. A part-time servant serves for a maximum of hours, minimizing their chances of certain actions.

Trained Worker

Skilled part-time employees undergo extremely productive preparation and may conduct work appropriately. The agencies guarantee that their part-time staff supplies you with the highest quality facilities.
It would be best if you were confident that all the standards are fulfilled. They have extensive knowledge of serving in multiple households and still gain different techniques.


It is one of the most common explanations of why Singaporeans choose part-time servants. You can keep privacy at home, and they only operate for a couple of hours, then they quit. You won’t have to contend with an alien in your house endlessly.

The Downside of recruiting a part-time employee

Few expertise

Despite being extremely experienced and knowledgeable, most part-time maids have minimal skills. In specific, they are qualified in areas of specialization.
They may be excellent for washing, but not so good for cooking occasionally. But you might wind up recruiting more than one.

Lack of coherence

The level of service provided by a part-time attendant would not be constant. It is difficult for them to remember what each consumer wants when they operate for many customers.

Limited Availability

If you need your part-time maid’s services after working hours, you might face inconveniences. Part-time maids only operate for those hours such that during that time, you cannot use their facilities. You will have to handle things yourself in case of multiple emergencies.

Advantages of recruiting a full-time employee


A full-time maid can provide you with continuity in the way you like your job handled. They work only for you because they should get used to how things are handled in their households.

If you have the furniture set in a particular manner, for example, the standard of the job will remain the same.

Extensive abilities

A full-time maid cleans, watch your baby, cooks, etc. She is full of abilities and can perform some activities.

Best Availability

A full-time maid lives at your place. Therefore if you need them anytime, they would be readily accessible.
Even in an emergency, you can use their resources 24/7. This is a big plus so you won’t feel uncomfortable.

The Downside of Employing a Full-time Maid


Any horrible instances of full-time maids have been recorded. In certain circumstances, they have robbed their bosses and prepared toxic foods, among others. Plus, they have total access to your house.

Long Trials and Errors

You have to go through the lengthy recruiting phase before hiring a full-time maid. The procedure involves contract binding, interviews, job permits, etc. A part-time cleaner, on the other side, is more versatile.

Lack of Privacy

They will still be in your house, and your safety is extremely likely to be violated. You have an outsider to live with.

Less Work Efficiency

A full-time maid would not have the pressure to accomplish work within certain hours. In comparison to part-time maids, they have a whole day to do their work. Their productivity is, therefore, not strong.

Final Thoughts

Whatever part-time maid or full-time maid, there are advantages and drawbacks. Based on the situation, you will know which one suits you. All in all, hiring a maid is quite useful and comfortable

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