Home deep cleaning services using white vinegar

Do you know that not only in cooking, white vinegar is quite useful and can also assist you in achieving home deep cleaning services? If not, then this article is meant just right for you.


We all know the culinary uses of white vinegar and how meticulously it brings out the authentic taste in the signature dishes. At the same, this amazing ingredient can also be used to bring out the shining texture in your bathrooms, kitchen, and other stubborn corners of the home. The guided use of white vinegar in cleaning can definitely fulfill the goal of home deep cleaning services. Also known as an acetic acid solution, white vinegar can be used on rough surfaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, and sinks to get rid of bacteria, dirt, grease, hard water stains, and even mineral deposits.


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8 DIY Home Deep Cleaning Services Using White Vinegar

White vinegar in cleaning

And, in case you still haven’t witnessed the magic of this magical ingredient, here is a guide for you. CleaningCompany.AE is an expert deep cleaning company in Abu Dhabi. In this blog, our professional cleaners have combined the top 8 most common cleaning hacks using white vinegar and baking soda. See how this ingredient helps clean the roughest corner of the house, from choked shower drains to sinks. 


Clean the choked showerhead

Cleaning a shower might sound like an easy task, but it demands a lot of effort. Anyways, white vinegar is here at your rescue. All you need is to secure your shower head inside a plastic bag full of white vinegar. For this purpose, you can also use a hair tie, which will ensure security in a plastic bag. Leave the process overnight, and later in the morning, simply remove the solution. The results will leave you thrilled for sure.


Get a spotless toilet

Toilet stains often create headaches in the minds of homeowners. Not only that, it also impacts your image in front of your guests. But worry less when white vinegar is here. White vinegar is used in deep bathroom cleaning as well. Pour some white vinegar on your toilet seats and leave overnight. Later in the morning, sprinkle a pinch of baking soda on the surface and brush the seat thoroughly. In this way, you can get rid of the toughest stains from the toilet seat. The results will leave your eyes glittered and your toilet sparkling. 


Get rid of rusty tools

In case you have rusty tools in your house that you might be thinking of recycling or scraping, wait a minute. Rather than scrapping, you can simply leave these tools for a night poured in white vinegar. And the next day, all you need is a scrub and some little effort. Lightly scrub the tools and get rid of eternal rust forever. 


Brighten your window and door curtains

Curtain cleaning plays a vital role in defining the elements of a household. But the thing is that they remain in direct touch with the atmosphere 24/7, thus catching the most dirt and pollutants. If you are looking for a proven way to disinfect your machine-washable curtains, we have a super home deep cleaning services hack. Simply wash your curtains with your regular detergent and 125g of baking soda. And when you are about to rinse the curtains, add distilled white vinegar to the water. And this is how you can thoroughly clean the curtains and get rid of years of dirt. But remember, this hack is applicable only for machine-washable curtains, and you can’t use it for plastic and synthetic curtains.


Get rid of unwanted green algae

The damp and moist environment of Dubai often leads to the formation of stinky algae on patios and pathways. Being slippery in nature, these green algae often result in uncertain accidents and failures. To get rid of this algae, you don’t have to spend much. Simply spray full-strength distilled white vinegar on the surface and eliminate the unwanted icky green algae from anywhere. 


Sparkle your bathtub

If you have a white bathtub in your bathroom that has accumulated grime, dirt, and bacteria over time, use white vinegar to clean it. The antibacterial ability of white vinegar and baking soda will not only leave the tub sparkling white but will also disinfect the surface. What you have to do is wipe the bathtub with white vinegar, then sprinkle some baking soda. After that, use a soft and scratch-resistant cloth and scrub the surface. Leave for a while, and then rinse. You will get a sparkling white bathtub.


Clean the glass and window of your home

Your window glasses might appear clean, but they are the harbor of dirt and grime. There are numerous expensive glass cleaning solutions available in the market. But you can make it pretty cheap and natural by using white vinegar. Take a spray bottle and combine it with the same part of water. Once done, all you have to do is spray and wipe the glasses. And with little effort and huge money-saving, you can get a brand new shiny window.


Remove stinky odor from home

One of the crucial aspects of home deep cleaning services is odor removal. While you can always use an air freshener and spray to freshen the air in your surroundings, there is a simple way as well. Just leave a bowl full of distilled water overnight in the room. By morning, the white vinegar will absorb all kinds of stinky odors. Dispose of the residue in a bowl the next morning and breathe in the fresh air. 


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A Way Forward

In conclusion, there are numerous uses of white vinegar in cleaning, and it wouldn’t be wrong if we call it cleaning vinegar instead. Further, to double the action of cleaning, you can always combine vinegar and baking soda. While above, we have mentioned a few tips through which you can clean your home using white vinegar, but it is not enough. Every once in six months, you should opt for professional home deep cleaning services in Dubai. It will not only deeply clean every corner of your home but also disinfect the space, making it healthier for you and your loved ones.

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