As we are a cleaning company based in dubai we are offering a wide range of services for the customer.
As the customer call so we have to give him a good assistance and good customr servicea where we have to reach the poinr of satisfying the customer
and recomendatio or refering to others.

The admin must have good communication skills through the phone
Good understanding for the customer need
Ability to have management skills

*follow up the pickup and drop for the staff
*organise the schedule considering the road status and other bookings
*maintainig a good relation with the customer
*follow up with the staff that have attended the cleaning requirement
*handling the lpo(gate pass)
*follow up the pending payment as by accounting
*doing a quality check with the customer
*built a relationshup with the company and customer through the phone
*Ability to communicate with the staff and the customer through whatsapp, email and phone

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